Deciding to Blog About My Stupid Crohn’s

Possibly one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with related to my (stupid) Crohn’s is the decision to blog. Sharing intimate details about my life with the world is hard, and I admire people like Amy Tendrich and Drew Olanoff, who do it and do it well. There are many, many people in my life who don’t even know I have Crohn’s, because I’ve chosen to keep it secret for so long.

I think ultimately I’ve decided to do this because with a stigmatized condition like Crohn’s, it IS hard to talk about publicly, so I hope that if I talk about it, others will too. And if we’re all talking about it, maybe it won’t be so hard to talk about anymore.

My name is Carly, and I have Crohn’s Disease.

I hate it. It’s stupid. It keeps me from getting to do everything I want to do in life. It causes me pain. It costs me money. I never asked for this stupid disease. I can’t get rid of it. It messes with my body, it messes with my mind, and sometimes it messes with my relationships. I hate that one day I will have to explain to my daughter why I have to go into the hospital, and why I have to take so much medication. I hate that because of this, I have to be so much better at balancing the rest of my life just to make room. Crohn’s, you suck.

But I know I’m not alone. And I hope to hear from others with their own battles with stupid Crohn’s, stupid IBD, stupid any stigmatized condition.


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  1. Carly, my wonderful daughter. You’ve always been an exceptional writer, especially when your topic is someone close to you. With this topic you can never get closer and your ability to tell a story has never been better.
    Frankly, the blog hurts me to read, but I REALLY need to…and to read more, because I need to better understand this part of your life. What’s your goal for writing it?
    Love you more than ever, Dad.

  2. Thank you for jumping thru your fear and writing about having Crohns. My grandson, who is ten, was diagnosed with Crohns at the age of 3. Your blog makes more sense to me than most of what I’ve been able to find online about this. I want to understand him and what he goes thru, but obviously a ten year old cannot articulate the way an adult can. So, please keep it up. It’s a good and generous thing you are doing.

    • Thank you so much for your note, that means a lot to me. I feel for you and your family – I think having Crohn’s as a child would be unbelievably difficult and my heart goes out to your grandson. I hope we can find a cure!

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