My Diagnosis Story

In 2002, the weirdness began. I would drop 10 pounds in a moment. My hip joints hurt. Doctor after doctor couldn’t tell me what was wrong, as month after month went by.

Then I had a routine annual with my gyno, one smart chick, and I mentioned it to her. She thought for a moment and said, “you might have Crohn’s Disease.”

I had a colonoscopy, and in recovery the GI confirmed my other doctor’s suspicion.

I started looking up Crohn’s Disease online. I had no idea what it was. This was before many of the more positive websites and forums existed, and what I saw scared me. I was so terrified, that on the phone with my diagnosing GI I told her I wanted a second opinion. She started screaming at me, thinking that I was doubting her. Crazy lady.

After a bit more research, I started seeing a Fellow under Dr. Peter Banks – a great move. This team got me healthy quickly, and I was in remission quickly thanks to a mix of medication and stress-reduction.


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