Big Chunky Schmooshy xoxoxo

I realize my last post may have been a bit of a downer. Obviously that’s life, up and down. But mostly I deal well with all of this (I think I do anyway) thanks to a combo of stress relief via my hobbies, a satisfying and challenging job, and most of all my supportive family and friends.

I got the best BEST hug from my daughter this morning before I had to leave for the airport. I wasn’t even going to be able to see her because I was leaving before she usually wakes up, but when I snuck into her room to give her a kiss she was already awake. So I got a big beautiful hug and gave her a ton of kisses on her chunky schmooshy cheeks before she became engrossed in her dad’s Looney Tunes and I had to get in the cab. That and – of course – the kiss and hug from her daddy – really made my day and will make this two-day business trip so much easier.


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