Hookworm Therapy

A colleague recently told me about hookworm therapy, also known as Helminthic therapy. It’s fascinating to think that autoimmune conditions might be due to our overly sterile culture, and that introducing a little dirt can be a bit of a cure-all.  A 72% remission rate with no side effects is hard to ignore.


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    • I have always thought the auto-immune disease is a convoluted concept itself. The body attacking itself…strange, but there you have it (and I have it too!). Shutting off or throttling down the immune system to fight disease or the symptoms of disease is counter intuitive.
      Then, the idea of having body-piercing worms do my dirty work (while residing in my body) is not attractive! But the concept is intriguing. The possibility of finding out the mechanism that the little buggers use (chemically speaking) and transforming it into a less repulsive treatment sounds good to me. Where do me and my aching bones sign up?

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