I #BlameDrewsCancer For This Post

Yesterday I had an impromptu, impossibly short, fabulous meeting with my friend Drew of BlameDrewsCancer.com. Impromptu and short because he was in town just a few minutes at the train station, and fabulous because even though I consider him a friend, it was the first time we actually met – in person, at least. Thanks to technology (machines!!!) we’ve been able to become friends via skype, Twitter, email, IM and texting. But it was nice to actually see him in 3D, and his new hand tattoos, which were pretty cool.

What I love about Drew is that he took a horrible situation (cancer) and turned it into a total win (raising a ton of money for LiveStrong.) He’s quickly becoming the definitive poster boy for using social media as patient advocacy tool. You can go on Twitter and blame anything – your bad day, your own cancer, anything at all – blame it on his cancer and you’re automatically spreading awareness of the cause. Then support it further by donating to LiveStrong, attending one of Drew’s fundraising events, buying a t-shirt, telling your friends, etc.

What I doubly love about Drew is that he’s someone who – though I’m not going through exactly what he is, and vice versa – I feel like I can connect with him. We’re the same age and have had to deal with something bigger than us, invading our bodies, and both of us have the ups and downs of it too, ultimately trying to pull the good out of it and letting that shine. It was Drew who was my biggest inspiration to start this blog, and am glad I did.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of Drew and his website yet. I think this is wonderful.

    I had my Remicade infusion yesterday. I was deeply humbled to be sharing the infusion center with many chemotherapy patients. While waiting to get into a chair, I visited with one man who drove 100 miles every week to bring his mother to the clinic. Neat guy. I hope to see him again sometime.

    The infusion went great. I feel a bit tired today, so I’m taking an additional day of rest. Thanks for writing. Keep up the great blogging!

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