Knitting, Stress and Frozen Joints

We had our annual employee art exhibit at work last Friday, and this is how my entry looked. It’s a hippo, fingerless gloves and a hat, all knit. Made me feel good to have my knitting exhibited, even if it isn’t exactly a juried show. Made me feel all arty.

For some reason my joints are freezing up pretty bad today, so I have to take a break from knitting. I had a stressful day yesterday, and I think there’s a pretty direct link to stress and how bad I’m feeling. So, today I am hoping will be all about sunshine & rainbows, and maybe tomorrow my joints will unlock!


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  1. Stress–yes! that is the thing that will trump everything else when it comes to flair ups. You can eat well, exercise and take your meds, but if you have an unusually stressful day or days you will feel like doo-doo! For me a bad commute (everyday) is a constant source of stress. On the job problems (especially the human to human type) do a number on me. If you can come up with an Instant-Stress/Decompression-Fix PLEASE turn me on to it!!! And speaking of turning on, well, that may help a little bit!

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