Becoming the Caregiver

On Friday my husband had knee surgery and so for the first time in a while – or maybe ever – I wasn’t the patient. It put an interesting perspective on things for me.

For one, I was grateful to be able to support him, when he’s supporting me so much. It was easy to see how much work it is to care for our toddler and our house, etc., basically alone. When I’m sick, it’s like he’s a single parent, plus he has to take care of me as well. I saw firsthand how hard that is to juggle, and felt bad that it happens so much in our life. I had to make sure our daughter had everything she needed and watch her like a hawk since she’s been getting into everything lately – and has so much energy! Plus keeping the house clean, cooking meals and keeping everyone fed, laundry and grocery shopping, and all the little things too. Meanwhile, I think he felt uncomfortable having to be taken care of, so I spent a lot of time saying “would you just sit back down already?”

Oddly, though, I wasn’t feeling negative the whole time or really at all. It felt good to take care of my family. And since I’ve been physically feeling good this week anyway, it was nice to know my body would hold up.  

I’ve never taken for granted how much my husband does for me. But I do have a new appreciation for everything he does.


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