Father’s Day Post – My Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I wrote about my husband, and now a little about my own dad.

I am a grown-up. I have the wrinkles, grey hair, mortgage and toddler to prove it. But I am still my daddy’s little girl. I was really lucky – I got one of the really good ones. My dad always makes me feel special, always manages to make me feel – and make my brother and sister feel – like we’re the most special person in his life.

It was always hard for me to share details about my Crohn’s with my dad. Not because I didn’t think he could handle it, or not because I thought he’d have some weird reaction. It’s just, all I want to do is make my dad as happy as he has always made me, and I felt somehow that telling him I was hurting might make him hurt too. Somehow I just feel like he’s physically feel my pain. And I’d never in a million years want to hurt my dad. As anyone who has ever met him would say, he’s just a good guy.

When I was little my dad would sing this one song to me. It was very ‘him’ – sentimental, with a touch of goofiness. It’s called “My Little Girl.” I can’t help but tear up a little bit when I sing that song to my own little girl, because I can finally understand how it feels to have a daughter, and I can finally understand why it is that he looks at me sometimes the way he does – with pride, but overall with love. Absolute, unconditional love. To have someone who loves you like that in your life is the ultimate blessing.

Happy Father’s Day, dad! I look forward to seeing you Sunday!


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