Father’s Day Post – My Husband

It’s nearly Father’s Day, so I wanted to write a little something about my husband.

My husband has only been a dad for 17 months. But he’s a good one – no, a great one. Our daughter looks at him like he could pull the stars from the sky just for her. And recently, he did, in a way.

We were taking a walk after dinner, and the weather was perfect – dusk, warm, clear, just lovely. Our little town is perfect for walks like these because the homes are all different and interesting to look at, and most of the streets are lined with beautiful trees and fragrant bushes. We always run into neighbors with their dogs, or friends with babies doing a similar evening stroll. Our evening walks are perhaps my favorite part of the day. On this walk a few weeks ago, my daughter was feeling sleepy and I was carrying her while my husband pushed her empty stroller. Suddenly we saw the first fireflies of the season. My husband caught a firefly with his hand and brought his closed fist over to us, opening slowly. Right as he opened his hand fully, the little bug lit up. My daughter was transfixed. As though it knew we were watching, the firefly stayed for a while, crawling around on my husband’s opened hand and lighting up, just for us. And then he opened his little wings and flew away. My daughter looked up at my husband with a huge smile and bright eyes, and just laughed. And then she pointed at the moon, as if to say, daddy could you catch that for me too?

I know that if he could, he would, he loves her that much.

Happy Father’s Day, honey – we love you so much!


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