Blatant Materialism: Mommybloggers and Stuff I Covet

I follow a number of blogs and credit them for making me smile every morning when I get to work. Two of my current favorites are swissmiss, which I’ve been following for a while, and DesignMom, which I just learned about. Both are written by creative moms.

From swissmiss today:

Fantastic. I want it for my wall.

I’m also coveting two necklaces, one that was on swissmiss’s blog a few days ago, and one that I found via a link on DesignMom’s blog.

The goldfish necklace is so cute, although I know my daughter would try to eat it. And the log necklace reminds me of when my husband carved our initials into a tree on the beach when we were dating. *swoon*

Thanks to the swissmiss blog I often end up buying things she posts. I never regret it. I love my pig photo so much, and it as a great intro to the fabulous 20 x 200 site that all art lovers should visit. Yay.


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