Boston A Go Go

Headed to Boston for two days for work. I started tapering Prednisone yeserday, so I slept until 4:30 this morning, ahhh. Dr. Max said I should begin tapering once the Prednisone began ‘working,’ but what does that really mean? My pain and symptoms aren’t gone, but it’s bearable. So, assuming I’ll be on Humira in a week (and knowing I reeeeeally want to be able to sleep), I took one less pill last night.

I have one new weird symptom that I think is from the Lupus, my tips of my thumbs are swollen. It’s weird, it just hurts and they’re red and blotchy. Ew.

My daughter was cracking us up last night – she piled all her stuffed animals into her empty kiddie pool (which is inside right now due to the rain) and then dove in, swimming among all her toys.  Then she stopped to kiss each and every one of them on the lips. I’m really going to miss her! I hope the hours fly by.


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