Bye Boston

Isn’t it strange to visit a place you used to live, to find that it has changed? It’s unsettling somehow.

I lived for a few years in Davis Square, which my friend Lynne assured me hadn’t changed much, and yet I felt strange to see many of the stores and restaurants there had turned into something else. I took a few photos of the things that remained the same. It made me so happy to be there and to see Lynne who is gorgeous inside and out. Did you ever have a friend who just glows? That’s my Lynne. Add me to your RSS Lynne!

I got a lot of work done in our Boston office, and as a treat to myself visited Windsor Button, a craft shop near the office that I’d never visited before. It was AMAZING – a ton of yarn, just an excellent selection, and (true to its name) an incredible selection of buttons. I couldn’t decide on buttons for the Central Park Hoodie, but I did get a skein of merino malabrigo (on left – photo unfortunately not true to color) and my good friend & coworker Wendi bought two skeins of yarn (on right) so that I can make her a scarf. The pinkish yarn on top is knit one/crochet too and the one on bottom is malabrigo. I love that word mal-a-bri-go. Mmm. Sounds like the breeze on a distant island. The yarn is heavenly soft and I can’t wait to work with it. Wendi is one of those lovely people with skin that Chanel would love to figure out how to bottle, so the colors she chose for this scarf are just perfect.

Speaking of things that make me happy, I started reading Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes – really fantastic. I got a great old copy from our favorite used book store in Omaha.


I love the cover and the feel of the book (take that, e-readers.) The stories themselves are timeless and so fun to read, Sherlock Holmes was the original Monk. And I was very interested to find the line I photographed (if you can’t read it – “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time”) which is the name of another book I liked very much.


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