Healthcare is Expensive. Enter the Humira Fairy Godmother

I had a very interesting experience this morning and I think this is the first time I’m posting about the costs of healthcare. It can be staggering. But luckily there’s oftentimes something that you can do about it, which was what happened to me today.

I am SO lucky because I have health insurance, and not just insurance but GOOD insurance from my job. Things are still expensive because I have a chronic condition and so I’ll always have to pay more than someone who doesn’t, I accepted that a long time ago. Still, it just seems that these costs come up so unexpectedly and just add and add and add. I’ve had 40 cent copays on perscriptions that were no big deal, but I’ve also had 40 dollar copays and that’s when it really adds up.

On the phone today with the Humira Fairy (it’s coming tomorrow!!! Woo!!!!!!!) I learned that the copay would be $100 per month. Yikes. Yiiiikes. I’m lucky because again, I have health insurance so that cost is just a percentage and much less than if I didn’t. But still! I kind of gasped over the phone, so the Humira Fairy (pharmacist lady) said, you know, there’s a number you can call and they may be able to help you out with that cost. After I first called my insurance company to confirm the cost was correct, I called the number she’d given me – guess what, it was Humira, the company – Abbott actually. And if the pharmacy is the Humira Fairy, then Abbott is my Humira Fairy Godmother. Within minutes, they’d worked it out so that my copay is down to $5. Wow. I don’t know how they did it, and I don’t care. They did it.

What does $95/month mean to me? A lot. Easier to make the bills. Easier to buy my kid a treat she wants or not freak out completely when yet another thing in the house needs a professional to fix it. And most of all, it means that I can be on this medication that I really truly hope will turn things around for me. That is the hugest thing of all. Enormous. Phew.

So – stay tuned, because the Humira Fairy delivers tomorrow, and I’m headed down to the GI to get help with my first dose. I am nervous. But excited.


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  1. I have not figured out how the company assist programs work-the figures and incentives and interconnected convolutions of the drug company/doctor/insurance company/gov’t regulator interactions are just too confusing to pursue. Instead, (as you, my younger, wiser consumer counterpart have already realized intuitively) I just accept the lowered cost offered to me by the drug company (in my case Embril) and proceed with Life. Sometimes, though, it is not that easy.

    The cost of my ‘scrip would be about $1500 a month if I had to go it alone-bad thing. But I have Blew X Blew Shill Insurance through the Healthy New York program-good thing(?). Unfortunately, the companies will not help you if you are enrolled in any kind of government subsidized health care plan such as Medicare, Medicade, Healthy New York…etc-bad thing.
    So I am getting a private plan with the help of my own angel-good thing. I hope I will be able to get some help from the makers of Embril when I get my new scrip next month and I will be felling a lot better-VERY GOOD THING. We’ll see.

    So, thank goodness you have your fairy. Don’t stress on the details, just feel good

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