Contact Your Senators Today: Save Federal Funding for IBD Research

The following information was sent out by the CCFA today. Please think of someone you know with Crohn’s Disease (hint hint) and contact your senator today.

You can contact your senator by clicking here:

CCFA Message:

We need your help to protect a critical federal program benefiting the IBD patient community. For the past five years, Congress has provided funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for an IBD Epidemiology Program. This unique program supports research conducted by CCFA on the incidence rates of IBD, why the course of the illness varies among individuals, and what factors may improve patient outcomes. Gathering this data is critical to advancing our knowledge of IBD and is essential to the quest for better treatments and a cure.

Unfortunately, continued funding for this research is in serious jeopardy because President Obama’s fiscal year 2011 budget recommends eliminating this program. The good news is that Congress will have the final say as to whether the program continues to receiving funding. The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that funds the CDC is scheduled to mark-up their FY11 funding bill on July 27. We need you to take action today: Contact your Senator and encourage them to fully fund this important initiative!


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