Still Awaaaake

I’ve been so excited lately that I’ve gotten so much done, thinking that I must be so efficient or that I’m finally getting a handle on the elusive work/life balance that so few moms achieve.  But uh-duh I realized it’s because I’m not sleeping, thank you prednisone. I’m still waking up way too early. Luckily I’m down to 10 mg and continuing to taper.

But in the meantime, I’m getting up at 3 am daily…so, come the late hour of 8 am, I need caffeine. And I loves my coffee. The fabulous Ben Cooks Everything pointed me to the New York Times’ recipe for Cold-Brewed Coffee, which is pretty much a godsend.

Looks gross, tastes mmmmmmmm.

Like Ben, I drink mine with milk – and I put in a lot of it. But no sugar. Mmm. Makes me happy.

Speaking of makes me happy, I was inspired by our local bakery and made these chocolate-dipped Swedish fish. Probably at 3 am, I don’t remember. What I do know is, I made a lot and have been eating them all week. Fish is good for you, right?

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