Denials and Smiles

I am in a great mood this morning. I slept most of the night, waking up about 4:45, which is not great but way better than 3 am! The side effects of the Prednisone are still getting to me though, not just the sleeplessness but the shakiness and constantly being hungry. I’m down to 10 mg and tapering to 5 this week, and very very happy about that.

Yesterday my shoulder and elbow were hurting and it got me thinking about pain, denial, things like that. Joint pain is my signal that I’m having a Crohn’s flare, and yet I always am in denial when it first happens, thinking I may have injured myself or something. So now that I’m tapering off the Prednisone and it’s test of whether the Humira is working, this joint pain has be a little worried. Is it my Crohn’s? Or even the Lupus? Or is it just from carrying my daughter so much this weekend? I mean, she’s pretty chunky, at 27 lbs. And that’s 27 very squirmy, very demanding pounds. She learned to say “up! up! up!” while holding up her arms to me – how can I say no to that?

So, I’m hoping that I just strained my arm, and hoping that the Humira is working.

In the meantime, here are some things that made me laugh this week.

This was on a bag of Combos I was eating. "The cheese filled snack of Nascar." It made me immediately stop eating it. That is the worst tagline for food I've ever read.

A Win from If you see this wine please buy it for me!

I took this photo in a taxi. Why this made me laugh: who brings a plate of bacon and eggs into a cab?

 And finally, my daughter made me laugh the most – her new thing is to take my face in her hands and kiss both of my cheeks, turning my face this way and that. It’s very European. I have no idea where she got it, but it’s adorable.


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  1. Next time you visit I will give you some of “Daddy’s Time Out”. Not exactly legal but No effect on liver. Unfortunately causes one to possibly O.D. on NASCAR cheeze filled treats.

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