Humira Dose #2

I just came back from the doctor’s office, having done dose #2 of the Humira. It went really well. I remembered how to do it, but followed the checklist just in case.  This time around I let the medicine warm up to room temperature and you know what? Still hurt like a mo-fo. But the pain is temporary, and next time I’ll only have to do one shot. And, next time, I have to do it by myself.

I’m down to 5mg of prednisone and still feeling its effects pretty hard. Not sleeping, pretty sure I’ve gained weight since I’m eating so much, and I have the crazy shakes in my hands.

So, while with the nurse, she said that it’s possible that prednisone can also render birth control pills ineffective. I’ve never heard that before, and couldn’t find confirmation online. I wonder if it’s true…? Scary thought.


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