This morning my toddler put her hand on my stomach and said “baby?” So either she’s very confused, or I’ve got some Prednisone weight to work off.

Anyway, I was thinking about a conversation I had with the nurse at my GI during my last Humira. I mentioned I plan to do it at my office, and she was very surprised I wasn’t doing it at home. Now, I work at a medical advertising agency, where we have doctors and nurses on staff. Perfect scenario should something go wrong. It’s quiet, comfortable, and I can shut my office door. At home, I have a toddler prone to tantrums and piles of cat hair that are threatening to revolt, and the only other adult is a landscape architect. Back when I was pregnant, our (doctor) neighbor asked if my husband was going to deliver the baby. He responded, “only if she’s having a tree.” So – yeah, definitely, I’m giving myself the Humira at work.


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