Earthworm Therapy

A while back I wrote about Hookworm Therapy, and was thinking of that a while back. We were all outside, and my daughter was playing in a pile of dirt. (Glamorous, no?) Anyway, she was having a grand time digging and throwing, and then we found an earthworm, so we sort of poked at it with a stick for a while, and then called my husband over so that he could help us get it into the compost pile.

(If you know me personally, you’ll know that for my daughter I will play in dirt, but I won’t touch a worm for anyone.)

So he put it in the compost pile, and then started digging with our daughter through the compost pile to try to find some other worms. They didn’t find any, but she did get to put her hands all over the rotting veggies, fruit and leaves. She loved it.

So then we did a few other things and came inside for snack. As she’s eating her snack (with her fingers, of course,) my husband looks at me and says, you washed her hands, right? Uh….no….I thought you did. Whoops.

So the moral of the story is, a little dirt is good for you and maybe she won’t get Crohn’s disease as a result. I hope…?


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