Power of Girlfriends

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see two very good friends. One, Lynne, I met the same week that I met my husband and she’s my go-to friend whenever I want to share something weird or funny. Another, Sarah, I met in childbirth class and I credit her with saving me from going completely insane during maternity leave, when I just couldn’t believe I was suddenly in charge of this teeny person. Both of these women, in addition to a small number of other friends, are so very important to me that I consider them sisters, and just spending time with them lifts my spirits like nothing else in the world.

We hear so much about women being nasty, being competitive, being vindictive, especially in the workplace. And yet there are so many times in my actual life when being around other women is just what I need to lift me up, to help me cope. Because dammit life is really, really hard sometimes. Really hard. But it can be so good too, and sometimes I just need to be around people who can show me that. And, hello, go shoe shopping too.


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