The Side Effects I Would Want

Why is it that drug side effects always seem to be bad? I was thinking about the side effects from prednisone and how they all seem to be bad, although having more energy was a nice one. So, what if all side effects were good? Here’s what I’d love to see:

Side effects include: general euphoria, giddiness and feeling well-rested. Whiter teeth, silkier hair and an increased vocabulary may occur. 100% of clinical study participants found they lost weight in all the right places, gained weight in all the right places, and generally became more attractive.  Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding while taking this medication will find that their baby is cuter than the other babies and learns his/her alphabet faster and will grow up to always say please and thank you. Women taking this drug may experience pink pouty lips and will no longer need to shave their legs. Men taking this drug will experience thicker hair and shaplier abs. While taking this drug you may experience an easier time working out complex problems, become a better driver and have more fun at parties.


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