Sing it, Sister

So have I mentioned I’m feeling reeeeally fatigued lately?

I still haven’t heard back from Dr. Max on my blood test. So in the meantime, I’ve been trying what I can to get my energy up. One of my doctors suggested something a little unconventional – singing. I said that my energy really dips right around the time I get off the train and into the car to pick up my daughter from daycare, so the doctor said I should put on the radio loud and just sing.

Sounds easy, right?

So here’s the thing, I’m really not that good at remembering lyrics. I’m actually a horrible singer, but that’s not really an issue since I’m the only one in the car. But still. Here’s how the first day of this went – I put on the radio, nope NPR doesn’t count. Changed the dial, slow song, no that will put me to sleep. Changed it again, okay a fast song! Mmmm uh la uh ummmm. Okay I don’t know the words to this one. Change the dial again…

It went on like that for a while and suddenly Iwas already at the daycare and had to give up trying.

The next day I actually remembered to bring a CD in the car (since my iPod now permanently resides in the nursery to provide soothing nightime music to the munchkin.) I brought The Ramones, who are beyond awesome. And believe me when I say, my own performance was absolutely no tribute to them, in fact it likely would have made them cry. Because it didn’t matter that I’ve listened to their songs a billion times, I still don’t have the lyrics memorized. This is basically how it went:

“MmmmmHmmm Hmmm TEENAGE LOBOTOMY! Hmmmmm mmmm uhmmmmm uhhhh MIND TO LOSE!”

Then the next song:

“MmmmmHmmm Hmmm PUNK ROCKER! Hmmmmm mmmm uhmmmmm uhhhh SHEILA umm laahh PUNK ROCKER!”

And again, horrible, horrible, horrible singer. My tone is about as well off as my colon. So the entire experience was actually pretty hysterical, and I have to say that it worked. I arrived at the daycare feeling energized and in a great mood.

So I’ve been singing, and laughing at my singing, all week long – and feeling a whole lot better.


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  1. Awesome post, and so true that singing really does help pep a person up in the afternoon!
    I’ve had Crohns since 1999, but wasn’t properly diagnosed until 2000, and I did fine on Imuran and Pentasa for over 8 years, and then things started to get crappy a couple of years ago, and I had to have some intestines removed last year. Now I am on Humira and a small dose of Imuran, and I am hoping they will do the trick in getting my Crohns under control. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow morning, the first since being on Humira, and I have my fingers crossed! But I think it is great that you are on Remicade and are doing okay, except for the fatigue. I have noticed that I get tired right after I take my Humira shot, so I am thinking of doing more singing myself. Anyway, take care, and thanks to Lisa I found your blog, which I enjoyed reading.

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