It’s a Speriment

Walking in to work this morning, I saw this gorgeous cloud formation. I happened to have my camera. Yay. The skies are blue and clear, except for this, which I think looks like sand dunes sort of. Really pretty. Sighhhh why am I back at work?

So – a little reminiscing to do this morning. Back when I was a kid growing up, we had this metal railing in our house that went from the first to second floor. My parents eventally replaced it, although funny enough I can’t remember what the replacement looked like even though it was there through high school. What I can remember is exactly what the metal¬†railing looked like, and here’s why – my little brother one day did something so memorable that it still makes me laugh. See, he was a cute kid – a really, really cute little kid, to the point that my mom used to complain that his teachers would let him get away with things because he was so cute. He was small, and had big brown eyes and a cute little nose (up until the time that he broke it sledding, but that story another day.) And he had a cute way of talking too. He’s about 4 and a half years younger than me, and he bugged me like crazy but even I could admit that he was a cutie.

So anyway, one day when my brother was maybe 4 or 5, I heard one of my parents yelling at him, which was NOT rare because he was a troublemaker. But it was louder and seemed angrier than usual. My sister and I ran to see what was going on, and there we saw it – he had completely coated the top and bottom of the railing in toothpaste. It was a white railing and the toothpaste was blue. My sister and I just stood there, jaws dropped, eyes wide. My brother was trying to defend himself, and he kept saying, “But! But! It’s a speriment! It’s a speriment!” Finally my dad just screamed even louder, “GET IN YOUR ROOM!” And my brother did so, sulked into his room, shut the door, and that’s when it happened – my parents burst out laughing. They laughed so hard that they were both red and crying. The reason they were yelling at him so much was because they needed him to get into his room fast, because they were having such a hard time keeping it together.

Now, every time I hear the word “experiment,” I just think of my little brother, my parents laughing, and one of the happiest days of my childhood.

Which is a fun story leading up to a totally boring one, that I’m doing my own ‘speriment’ to see if I can sleep better using Breathe Right Strips. I don’t know yet if I have sleep apnea but over the past 2 nights I did sleep better, using the strips. Correction – last night I didn’t sleep as well, because my husband kept snoring! So I think this speriment is going to extend to two participants.


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  1. Please forgive me for being completely prejudiced here, but I loved your story about your cutie-pie brother (he still gets away with murder!) and I can picture your folks laughing uncontrollably. It brought me back to a time when your dad could have easily been the one with the toothpaste tube.

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