Covet: ModCloth

I am devoting my entire post today to, a fantastic store online that has the mostest funnest things everest. It gets extra -ests because it’s really a store for the slightly younger set (20-sometings), but still has many things I really like. Est!

I’m grateful to ModCloth this morning because it’s offering me a creative solution to a teeny problem we’ve been having at home: toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are supposed to be for cleaning, and yet they seem to make more of a mess than anything else. And in our home, there are 6 of them in the bathroom – one for me, an electric one and a regular one for my husband, and three for our daughter, who must be coaxed, cajoled and finally forced to brush her teeth. (One toothbrush has glitter, one has Elmo, and one lights up.) Needless to say our little toothbrush holder is overwhelmed and, frankly, disgusting.

Never fear, ModCloth to the rescue! I found the following solutions:

Two very cute options! I am leaning toward the grass, because it seems like it can hold more. And, like I said, our problem is one of quantity.

This is the dress I plan to buy.

I also found a few other very adorable things that I won’t be buying, but wish I could. Ah, if money were no object.

How cute are these bento boxes? What time is Syrup o’clock? Mmmmm syrup. Makes me want to use that in a sentence, like, our meeting is at Syrup o’clock, don’t be late.

This apple is actually a lamp. It would be perfect in a baby’s room!

This adorable dish rack belongs in my cottage in the South of France, where I live out my days painting, riding a bicycle (with a baguette and bouquet of flowers in the basket) and creating brilliant meals that we eat by candlelight every evening. In my mind.

Bacon and eggs wrist warmers. And a brown vest. Two things I’d like to try knitting.

No way! A knitting book! Okay, ModCloth, you had me at hello.


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  1. Is the grass one dishwasher safe? otherwise it might get gross fast, and be kind of annoying to clean. Its cute though. The antlers one too is kind of hysterical.

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