Fashion Week

It’s Fashion Week in New York, and the buzz is so strong that I can’t help but think fashion too, a few hundred miles from NYC. This week’s New Yorker had a fascinating article about a young blogger named Tavi. I’m in awe of this pre-teen – her precociousness, her intelligence, her self-esteem! She began blogging about fashion at age 11, and was quickly world-renowned by couture designers, who give her front-row seats to their shows and free clothing. As a parent, I’m even more impressed with the freedom and guidance her parents have given her to help mold her into such an amazing young person. Style Rookie is going right into my blogroll. Also, I really want one of the t-shirts she’s selling, if anyone wants to by me a present. Just sayin’.

Also on the fashion front, I just got my custom tags from MommieMadeIt on


I plan to sew these into every knit and sewn item I make, to show the recipient that they were made with love. By me!

But finally – my biggest fashion moment this week was inspired, strangely, by an ad for, the online shoe shop owned by the Gap. I couldn’t find the ad online to share it but in essence, it’s declaring an end to dressing frumpy. The copy says something along the lines of, leave your flip-flops at the beach and your sweats at home, respect others and yourself, it’s the return of dressing up. I love it. As much as sweatpants are a favorite of mine, and don’t even get me started on the bliss of wearing PJ’s all day, I think it feels even better to dress up. I received my ModCloth order yesterday and – while the dress is a bit different in person – I’m loving it.

I will never claim to be a fashionista. But if looking good equals feeling good, sign me up. And you know what, I feel good today!


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