This is Only Funny if You’re a Parent. Or Scatalogical.

Our daughter has been doing the toddler mimic thing, which is generally pretty hysterical. She’ll copy what we say and do, and when it’s repeated in her little way, well awwww it’s just so dang cute.

Yesterday I was sitting down and she came up behind me, lifted the back of my shirt and said “I see poop.” You know how you have to check a toddler every once in a while to see if there’s a little present in her diaper? Well, she was checking me. And apparently, I had pooped my pants. (Woah, you literal people, not really!)

So when my husband came home, I said, “go see if Daddy has a dirty diaper!” and she did the same to him, digging that chubby little finger into his back and saying, “iseepoop, iseepoop.”


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