e-Patient Connections 2010

Today is day two of a conference I’m attending that focuses, essentially, on how new media can help patients.  Some of the highlights:

This video:

A presentation by ePatientDave, who not only survived terminal cancer, but became an inspirational patient advocate as a result. He has just published a book about his experiences, and I can’t wait to read it.

Learning about a Novartis initiative which utilized a play and videos on Youtube to show what young people with Cystic Fibrosis actually go through. This reminded me a bit of two efforts for Crohn’s Disease, True Guts, which was created by someone with CD; and Innerstate, which was created by Centocor (they make Remicade.)

The giveaways include a fitbit and a ZEO – two devices that monitor your health in different ways, which I will be testing and reporting in future posts.

My main takeaway so far – I think it’s excellent when companies (which are the ones with the money) use their resources to help – REALLY HELP – patients. There are some horrible examples of companies focusing only on greed and I’ve seen just the opposite at this conference, it’s really fantastic.


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  1. F**king WoW! I really like this concept.
    I am not too old to learn from my niece…or from anyone that is smarter and more connected and concerned than I am. You are on the cusp of understanding something that is generational. Not that I can not understand it is just so much easier for someone who has been nurtured in the e-age… Keep on it girl. Keep on it!

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