FitBit Day 1

This is the FitBit:

Image from FitBit Website


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I received a free FitBit, courtesy of Klick Communications, during the e-Patient Conference. So, yesterday I finally downloaded the software to my computer (it was easy) and got started. In the image above, the FitBit is on the left, and it’s really small, about the size of my thumb. The thing on the right is the base, which plugs right into the USB port on my computer. You wear the FitBit on your wrist with a soft band that comes with it, and log all your information into the website.

The FitBit website is very easy to navigate. You log whatever health-related information you want, and it’s easy to log although it’s clear that this is meant to be a guide and not a perfect science. For example, the food log:

This is what I logged for breakfast yesterday. I mixed hot chocolate powder with my coffee so I logged both items, though I doubt it was that many calories (they’re probably figuring I also had milk in the hot chocolate.) In other words, I think the calorie count (see below) is not accurate. However it was still really useful – when I looked back after a full day, I noticed I didn’t eat enough fruit and had way too much sugar.

I also realized that I’m not exactly sure how much water I drink. The Humira seems to make me really thirsty, so I know I drink a lot of water, but 36 oz doesn’t seem like much. It was just a guess.

I wore the FitBit on my wrist in the afternoon and for most of the evening (I took it off a few times, including when I washed dishes and gave my daughter a bath.) I also slept wearing it. The wrist band is pretty comfortable. Then I plugged it in to the computer. I was really interested to see my sleep pattern, and how it was clearly displayed by the FitBit website was helpful.

If I’m only really getting 6 hours and 59 minutes of sleep, maybe that’s why I’m so fatigued. It will be interesting to see what my sleep pattern looks like throughout the week.

Also, you can track your choice of things, and if it’s not there you can add one. I decided to add “Fatigue” to see how many times per week I feel tired. Here’s what day one looks like:

8 sleepies – kind of cute, huh? I figured I’d count on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being most fatigued.

Finally, I also decided to track activities, since I’m trying to get more exercise. I had a brisk walk yesterday, but that was about it. I really do need to try to get more exercise than I do. I do yoga every morning, but not the kind that gets my heart pumping, unfortunately.

After I bought that cute bike, I know I blogged that my husband and I would do a biking date, but instead we decided to buy our daughter a bike seat and make it a family affair. It was so much fun, and I’m hoping for the rain to stop this weekend so we can go out again!


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