e-Patient Connections 2010 – Elizabeth Cohen of CNN, Plus More on ePatientDave

You know how when something great happens you’re supposed to play it cool and accept it with grace? NOT ME! I think it’s so, so awesome that ePatientDave himself tweeted about my blog, check it out, I completely geeked out and pulled the screenshots off Twitter:

Because you know what? I think the real rock stars are the people who go through rough things and come out smiling…that makes me more starstruck around him than a literal rock star.

So, this is a good space for a reminder that I’m holding a contest for the rest of this week to win a copy of ePatientDave’s book, “Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a Pig.” Just post a comment to any of my blog posts relating to the e-Patient conference, and you are automatically entered.

Speaking of books, I’d like to devote the rest of this post to Elizabeth Cohen of CNN, author of “The Empowered Patient.” She gave a fantastic presentation that related both to her own experiences and to those who she reports about.

My jaw dropped as she described her experience with her daughter, who was sickly when she was first born. At just a few days old, the hospital gave her daughter an unnecessary spinal tap, and was about to give another – Elizabeth tried to stop them, but was rebuked by the doctors and nurses. Listening to her, I was reminded of every nightmare I’ve ever had about being helpless in an emergency. She related this to the story of a woman who’d had her finger injured and was told there was nothing they could do for her, but she pushed and pushed and finally got someone to listen.

I think overall as patients that’s all we want. Empowerment, yes. But what does that mean? Quite plainly, we want someone to listen. Ultimately, it’s the doctor that can help us get better but the patient has to be part of the process. When a doctor listens, the patient can heal, body and soul.


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