Zeo Day 2 | FitBit Day 3

Last night I did everything my Zeo told me not to do. I ate a large meal within two hours of bed, then watched TV, then stressed out for a while, then read under a bright light. Whoops.

So, it’s no surprise to see that it took me a while to fall asleep, and I also wasn’t surprised to wake up well before 5 this morning, stressing out yet again.

Lesson learned: tonight, I’m going to let my stress go, I’m going to make sure the family eats all together, and possibly I will not watch TrueBlood. Maybe.

But, it was very interesting to compare this morning’s results from the two systems. I couldn’t find my FitBit wristband so I wore it on my pants, which turned out to be a mistake – it really didn’t gauge anything. It gauged my steps really well throughout the day, though (nearly 10,000!), so I think once I find the wristband I’ll keep it by my bedside.

Great results with the Zeo, though, and much better than the first try.


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