Help Me, I’m Still in the Waiting Room

I’m sitting in the waiting room of my new PCP and realizing why it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve gone to one.

1-the paperwork. Holy hell. I must have filled out my birthdate 50 times
2-germs. This guy has been coughing into a handkerchief since I got here. Oh god.
3-hell is other people. Who is the genius who wrote that? (Will google it later.) People next to me having a weird and annoying conversation about fetuses.
4-the wait! I’m scared to leave for the restroom, in case I miss my spot, and of course they won’t tell me when exactly that may be.

Geez I’m cranky. Oh my god he’s coughing again! And someone else has joined in! Ick! Ick!

It may take another 5 until I’m willing to do this again…


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