Team Jacob

While at the DeCordova Sculpture Garden outside Boston a few weekends ago, I noticed this impressive sculpture, as well as its description:

So of course my first thought is, omigod how cool, I bet this artist has Lupus too and he’s raising awareness through his artwork and that’s so genius and I bet he even has a foundation where he donates money omigod I’m totally going to google him.

So I did, and via google I learned that lupus is Latin for wolf, and that this artist does use his art for public good but not regarding Lupus; rather he devotes himself to the subject of endangered species. Whoops?

I guess the good news is that I learned lupus means wolf, and that makes me feel a little bit cooler than I did before.


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  1. IIRC, the name for the medical condition comes from a rash that would appear on the face and made the patient sort of look like (s)he was wearing a wolf mask.

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