I am Not Responsible if this Post Makes No Sense

I’m not. Because I have a wicked cold, and perhaps it’s the flu, I don’t know. I feel like an Eskimo.

No, I don’t really know what Eskimos feel like, but my guess is miserable because it’s so cold, and they probably just want to get back in bed. Also, I feel like I have a big thick fur wrapped completely around my head, so I can’t think and I just feel stuffy and out of it. Eskimo.

If I could, I would be in bed. But we have a big event tonight at work, and I’m the emcee + panel moderator, so I have to be here. I am sure the audience is going to really appreciate my zombie-like demeanor tonight. Ugh.

Also, today was a Humira day, so one thing I learned about Humira is you probably shouldn’t do it alone if you’re feeling so out of it. Hmm. I did everything fine, but forgot to have a band-aid ready. [Warning, gross…] So as the slow trickle of blood coming from the injection site grew, I had to yell out the door of my office for someone to get me a band-aid. Not a high point in my career, nor a good example for those who say you shouldn’t do non-work-related things in the office. Oopsies.


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