We Have a Winner! Plus Some Gross Stories

I’m happy to announce that the winner of the e-Patient Contest is Lisa! Lisa, I will be in touch soon to find out where I can mail your prize, a copy of ePatientDave’s new book, Laugh, Sing and Eat Like a Pig, plus the LiveStrong Bracelet. Congratulations!

Did I say I was going to announce the winner Wednesday? Whoops. This cold really has me knocked. I felt a lot better by yesterday afternoon, but woke up feeling Eskimo-y again today. My husband told me that I felt better yesterday because I was moving around a lot, “so the snot was well-distributed.” Ew. But my theory is that my body decided to give me a break, since I was so nervous about emcee-ing the event. My body was like, “Okay Carly, you get a few hours tonight, but tomorrow I’m going to completely shut down again.” And I was like, “Deal.”

The event went great! I was pretty surprised, actually, because even though part of my job is to counsel people on how to speak publicly, I don’t do it often myself and I do get really nervous speaking in front of a group. But I just sort of went on auto-pilot in the first few minutes, and then I found I was having a lot of fun.

Which is good. Because I’m speaking on two more panels this month. Omigod.

So, two gross-but-funny stories about my toddler. (Seems like they’re all gross-but-funny, huh?)

We took her to a housewarming party last weekend, and were trying to get her to try new foods. She does not like Triscuit crackers. I know this because she took a bite, spit it into my lap, and then wiped her tongue on my shirt.

And just this morning, we were getting her changed, and she took off sans diaper. And, well, had an accident on the floor. Figures. So she starts yelling, “I did water! I did water!”

We just can’t get over how cute and funny she is. I never thought I’d fall in love with anyone other than my husband, but, then she came.



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