Happy Monday everyone – extra big coffee for me today. I wanted to blog today about my weekend, but first, some good news – the fabulous Impactiviti Blog linked to my blog over the weekend, that was very exciting to me. I have to say, Steve is a rather charming person so it’s nice to see that his blog is going so well and pretty cool that he recognized mine.

So, this weekend I spent an embarrassing amount of time on eBay. I just couldn’t help myself. I was reminiscing about the toys I used to play with as a kid, and decided to look around and see if I could find any of them. I’d bought my daughter two Barbies from Target a few months ago, and somehow they just weren’t as I’d remembered them. Their heads seemed bigger, and their feet are now flat, rather than in that permanent high heels position. It made me feel a little sad. I spent some of my happiest moments playing Barbies, and I sort of want my daughter to feel the same way. But if she’s going to be playing with the toys I loved, why by new – I should get the ones from the 80’s, no? Then I get to re-live my fun days too. I’d rather she have those memories than just memories of TV shows, you know?

I LOVED My Little Pony and it was so fun to look through them on eBay and remember the ones I had, and the ones that were my favorites. For example this one:

A woman in Pennsylvania is selling this one and it was my all-time favorite. I think because of its hair. I also had one that wore a wedding gown. he woman is also selling some that are fuzzy, which I think my friends or maybe my sister had. I was also looking up Rainbow Brite toys, but since they’re made of cloth it sort of grossed me out to order them used. Plastic toys can be washed, but I’m not sure about stuffed animals.

Plus, some people are REALLY into collecting, and so some of the toys were really pricey. One lot of My Little Pony toys I looked at sold for $71! And some were priced at more than $100 for just one.

My husband came by to see what I was doing, so we started looking up his old toys too, such as GI Joe action figures and He-Man. Someone was selling the Castle Greyskull. So cool.

Doesn’t this just make you want to take the day off and play in your parents’ basement?


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