Taking an Immunosuppressant When You Have a Cold is a Bad Idea

Wait, what? Really? Hmmm.

So, I stupidly did just that, as the title says, last week. I don’t know what I was thinking. No-I wasn’t thinking.

As you may have seen in a post last week, my cold had me pretty out of it so I injected my Humira without having a band-aid nearby. Um, duh, I shouldn’t have been taking the Humira at all. I spent the next 4 days feeling like death, and then a few days after that feeling just crappy. My body simply couldn’t fight the cold. Ugh.

I’m still feeling a little weak but mostly back to normal.

But…just goes to show that even an ’empowered patient’ can make some pretty dumb health decisions.


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  1. AH! I am on Imuran an oral immunospressant. I had a similar experience about 2 weeks ago. Instead of getting over it I felt like I had been hit by a train!
    However – I have joint involvement with my Crohns and today – I went for the first run I have been for, for, humm 12 years and I don’t feel like I have been stabbed in the spine…
    I have online been on the Imuran a few months and I am wondering – does it improve joint problems relating to Crohns? If its not that – then I can’t explain it… Don’t get me wrong its a great feeling.. but I wasn’t expecting my joint pain to subside – even just a little bit….
    Whats your experience with immunosuppresant and joint pain?

  2. I’ve definitely noticed that my immunosuppresants help my joint pain enormously. Still, if I’ve been exercising I might strain a joint and be in pain for a bit, I think that’s normal and perhaps that’s what happened to you? I’ve found Tylenol helps make me feel better in the short term. I know when my joints really start aching even when I haven’t been straining them that it’s a sign I need to take a look at my medications and start taking something different.

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