Ah, Parenting

It’s so fun! Except when it’s not. Like when you are just overcome with guilt.


This week I’ve been working a lot, longer hours than usual. So the past two nights when I finally got home, my daughter ran to me screaming MommyMommyMommy! and clung to me with a delicious hug, giggling like a tiny maniac. Usually when I see her at the end of the day I just get a smile and a wave. That’s the nice part, but the guilt-inducer is that also for the past two nights she’s woken up at least three times, also screaming MommyMommyMommy! but in a much more pathetic way. When I go to her crib and stroke her cheek, she instantly falls back asleep, and I – well – I do not. I lie in bed and feel like a jerk.


So in response I’m doing what I do best: guilt shopping. Her birthday is coming up, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what she’d like. The two items she’s been most coveting are a baby doll and a tricycle.


The most recent time my daughter ripped a baby doll out of another child’s hands (which is how we know she wants one), it was a Corolle doll…see photo below. As the child’s mother explained to me, it’s the best one, “it’s French.”

Image from Amazon

It is actually pretty cute. You can get all these accessories that a real baby would need, such as diapers, bottles, even a little baby bag. I think (hope) it may also help with any jealousy issues she may have when her first cousin comes along, ETA Dec. 9.

And then there’s the tricycles. She’s not actually ready to pedal, so we’re thinking something with a push bar.

Image from Amazon

Image from Diapers.com

My husband loves the classic Radio Flyer Tricycle. I read a billion online reviews so I’m leaning more toward a Kettler. We can afford neither. Good thing she’s got a birthday coming up and two sets of loving grandparents.


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  1. Carly, regarding the worry lines, in the medical world they are more accurately called “These are physical footprints of a wonderful life” lines. And regarding those birthday things for L__, your mother is probably shopping the internet as we talk.

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