Back on the Zeo Wagon, Even Though Life Has Wrinkles

Perspective accounts for a lot. Take, for example, a print I bought for my husband for his birthday over the summer from the amazing 20×200 site. I feel like a trendsetter because the same print was featured in InStyle magazine this month. However as you’ll see from the following photos, there may be one little problem.



Not in style?

Did they hang it wrong? Did we?

I pondered this as I brushed my teeth last night, another place where I’m often considering perspective. Growing up I knew I’d get wrinkles one day, but I always thought the first would be laugh lines around my mouth and eyes. Because, you know, I will live a wonderful beautiful life where I’m always smiling and laughing. But alas, my 30th birthday hit (ahem, a few years ago) and the first little effers to crop up are worry lines on my forehead. Frick! Now I spend time and money on products with names like “regeneration” and “anti-aging” and even “hope in a jar” and try to wipe away the evidence of the life I actually lead.

But I AM happy, I DO laugh, so I don’t get it. Why worry lines? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????

Maybe it IS all about perspective. Who knows, maybe my forehead wrinkles when I smile.

Anyhoo, I had stopped using the Zeo for a few days because I had a weird problem with the headband, turned out that someone (not me) got wrinkle cream on it and it had to be cleaned off. (Okay it was me.)

Anyway, here’s my results from last night:

You may have to click on this to enlarge it.

I think I slept pretty great, actually. Well, except about 3 am when my daughter woke up and cried for me, and as I headed back to bed I remembered that I’d forgotten to put the clothes into the dryer, and those clothes included a shirt I wanted to wear, so blah blah blah an hour later I’m still awake. Although I managed to get in a little light sleep before the alarm went off.


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