A Gorgeous Getaway

Some friends of ours have a gorgeous bit of land about an hour’s drive from our house, and we rejoice when they invite us over because it’s like a mini-vacation. We love their company and their home is just so beautiful, it’s like stepping into another world.

They grew a pumpkin patch for their granddaughter, who is a year older than our daughter, and were nice enough to save a few pumpkins for our daughter to pick. We also took a walk in their raspberry patch, and our daughter (who is normally averse to raspberries) ate them all – oh yes, she ate every single raspberry left on the bushes.

Saturday was such a perfect fall day, and I couldn’t help but take as many photos as I could. Here’s some of their meadow, and one of our daughter holding the astors they picked for us. Oh yes, and they have a stunningly restored farmhouse. Sigh.

It was so fun to watch our daughter run through the fields and stop to look at the little things that caught her eye – a cricket, a leaf, a flower.


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