My Latest Dr. Max Visit

Okay, I feel like a jerk. Because I didn’t like Dr. Max in the beginning, and now he’s really growing on me. I think it’s easy to shoot the messenger, to not like the guy who tells you you’ve got Lupus and then orders a phlebodomist to stick you. Right?

I had a check-in with him today and it was more on the good news front. I’m doing well on the Humira and all my joint pain is gone. He explained the concept of complement levels, which rate your immune system activity. He said that normal is around 90-180 and I was at 78 back in June. My most recent blood test in August said I was up to 86. I had another blood test while at his office and will find out the results later this week.

As for the fatigue I’d been reporting, it’s possible I inadvertently figured out that mystery on my own. Someone mentioned to me quite randomly that this time of year people should take Vitamin D supplements, and that I should get tested for D deficiency if I’m feeling tired. I said to myself, forget that, I’ll just start taking the vitamin and see if I feel better. That was about 2 weeks ago, and from day one I noticed a strong difference. I no longer feel that horrible end-of-the-day slump where I wanted to just lie down and sleep, which led me to when I wrote about singing in the car.

I mentioned the D vitamins to Dr. Max (1,000 mg), and he said he’d check my D levels to see if I need a stronger dose, say 50,000 mg. He also said I may not need the sleep study. Nice! I’m still going to do the Zeo though. Today my ZQ was 67 due to our little nighttime adventure, but I seem to be averaging about 70.


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