It’s Time to Make Your Health Benefit Elections

I am SO LUCKY to have health insurance through work. And yet somehow I always dread having to make my annual elections. It’s like saying, “okay, body, how much are you going to cost me this year?”

We have two plans each to choose from, in health, vision and dental. In each, Humira is covered 20%, which leaves a hefty co-pay, but luckily Abbott’s Rx plan helps out with that, so I’m not worried.  Doctor visit co-pays can be high depending on which plan I choose. Do I pay $20 more per month for the plan where the doctor visit co-pay is $20, or go with the less expensive plan where the co-pay is $30? How often will I go to the doctor next year? I have no idea.

My company has had people coming in all week to give us advice on the different plans, but I feel like who I need most is a psychic. Will I have to go to the ER this year? Will the Humira keep working or will I have to try out another medication?

As though it wanted to remind me who’s in charge, my body surprised me last night with a trip down the stairs. Ugh. I’m so sore on my back, elbows, and everywhere else I hit. Expect the unexpected, no? I’m going for the pricier insurance.


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  1. Ahh Yes! Health Care! What a great subject.
    Forgetaboutit! I would rather talk about torture in the concentration camps. bamboo under my finger nails and such.

    Health insurance is the tether that keeps the worker trapped in the groove.
    Health insurance is the invisible fence that divides the have’s from the have not’s.
    Health insurance is the viaduct that is designed to move your savings out of your bank account/estate/positive column of your spreadsheet into the debit column/top 2% of wealthy America.
    Hope I don’t sound too radical here. I pride myself in my modest, easy-going, relaxed attitude towards financial rape and robbery.
    Aside from that I love the Health Insurance industry.

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