The Me I Want to Be

Ah, to be a fabulous, put-together, stylish woman. I wonder what that’s like.

This cape, for example, from Zara. It reminds me of old movies, especially Cary Grant movies, where the women have high cheekbones and never forget to put on lipstick. And of course, always look put-together.

I love this post from It’s Almost Naptime, titled “How to be the Perfect Mother.” I think every parent or parent-to-be should read it.

It takes a lot to feel put-together. And when you’ve just had a baby, that seems near impossible. I can’t tell you how many times I went to work with spitup on my clothes, or worse, in my hair. You just never feel like normal will ever happen again.

I just received some fantastic advice, which was to start a fund now for a baby nurse once we’re ready to try for baby #2 (which – listen up, mom – will not be for years! Okay? I love my daughter but we’re not ready yet for #2!) Anyway, once baby #2 becomes more than just a twinkle in the eye, I’ll hopefully have a nice little boodle set aside to have someone come help us with nights for the first few weeks. Imagine that – getting to sleep more in the first few weeks! Worth millions! Unfortunately I don’t have millions, hence time to start saving.

Perhaps then I’ll be that fabulous put-together woman? Hmm…maybe if the nurse is a miracle worker.

But I’ve been thinking about the newborn days a lot lately, since I’m about to become an aunt. My gorgeous sister has no idea what is about to hit her. Now, I’m not talking about the sleepless nights, and I’m not talking about the rumpled dirty mommy clothes. I’m not even talking about the diapers. She’s expecting all that and I think she’s ready for it. What she has no idea about is how absolutely totally and completely in love she is going to be with this child. I think she has an inkling. But wait until it hits her. It’s my favorite part.


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