Eating Like a Mom

Understatement: when you have Crohn’s, eating can be complicated.

Check out any Crohn’s forum chat or even Google “Crohn’s and diet” and you’ll see what a big topic it is. I’m lucky, because after nearly a decade of stupid Crohn’s, I pretty much almost sort of mainly have it figured out. I’m also very lucky to be managing my Crohn’s pretty well, which makes eating a billion times easier.

However, having a toddler throws me for a loop again.

There she is, from this weekend, walking around in my shoes! I can’t believe how long her hair is getting.

Anyway, she is a food rejector. It takes about – oh, I don’t know – 20 times to get her to try something, and then there’s foods she loves that she’ll suddenly decide she hates. Sighhhhhh. So, like all other parents, we end up eating what she rejects, so that we don’t waste food.

And that is why this is my lunch today:

On the left, a tasted-and-rejected “yo toddler” yogurt. On the right, a Gerber’s toddler meal consisting of wagon wheels, peas, chicken and carrots. She didn’t even taste the Gerber meal – she took one look at it and simply said “no,” with all the inflection and attitude of a gourmet food critic who’s just been served a chili cheese dog.

And it’s not just packaged foods. It’s everything. I made a gorgeous dinner last night – blackened catfish (not spicy or my insides would die) with roasted fall vegetables. We offered her each thing and she said blech to all. She ate Cheerios. Whatever.

So anyway, I have to adapt to make sure I’m still paying attention to what and how I’m eating. I have to still make sure I don’t eat too many fruits or veggies, even though I can have a few. I have to stay away from the heavy stuff, such as the whole milk yogurts (whoops) ~ well, a toddler-sized version is okay every once in a while. Basically, I have to keep eating like someone with Crohn’s, and not eat like a mom.

Most of the time, anyway.


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