Back on the Grid

Geez. I was sick for a while. I spent two days in bed, and then went back to work Friday feeling like I’d risen from the dead. Then this weekend our daughter had a fever for most of Saturday, so it was like sickness just pervaded our house.

She had a rough few nights (which meant of course that we had a rough few nights…luckily my wonderful amazing husband always gets up when we first hear her cry, but the munchkin has been on a bit of a mommy kick, meaning I got up too to help settle her down…) So this morning I’m feeling pretty zonked out. She was up for about an  hour at 3 am and only wanted me to  hold her. It’s strange, I wanted so badly to go back to sleep, and yet I admit I loved the opportunity to hold my little baby girl, especially since she’s getting so big so fast.

Anyway, nothing a little (or a lot) of coffee can’t fix.

So I spoke with Dr. D on Wednesday when I was home sick, to see what he thought of me taking the Humira (he said to just wait until I felt better, which is what I did) and also to ask what he thought of my complement levels being down. Of the complement levels, he echoed Dr. Max and said it’s probably fine, and that I can wait until my next appointment check-in in six months.


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