I am Thankful for Family

But I am not thankful that we’re all spread out across the country. I am not looking forward to flying with a toddler for Thanksgiving. But I am thankful that I have a family so wonderful that we are ready & willing to fly with a toddler. Is that confusing? Well. I may not be super articulate because most of my brainpower this week has gone into preparing to take said flight, ensuring that the munchkin is as happy (and quiet) as can be on the trip.

First, I set to locate a replacement for her favorite pacifier. We threw it out, because it was getting disgusting. How was I to know that another one would be so hard to find? Imagine my horror when I searched on Amazon for “nuk latex 18 month” and found this:

Currently unavaila…. no…no….nonononono NOOOOOOOOOO! That means discontinued! Omigowd omigowd no this can’t be happening! It’s the only pacifier she really likes! It’s the only thing that keeps her sleeping through the night! NOOOOO!!!

See, you may think I’m being overdramatic but she seriously does know the difference between this pacifier and other very-similar-but-not-exactly-the-same pacifiers. No pulling the wool over this kid’s eyes.

So I next headed over to the mommy version of the black market, eBay. I found a seller who had about 20 of them, and oh yes, I bought them ALL. They shipped yesterday and I pray they get here in time.

I also went on a mission to find books that might keep her occupied. I got a list of her favorites from her daycare teacher, and bought them all, plus a few the woman at the bookstore recommended. Then I realized how heavy all of them are. Holy cow. It’s too bad there’s no such thing as an eReader for toddlers. And you know, there never will be, because their favorite thing to “read” tends to be the touchy-feely books with fur and sparkles.


Image from Crayola.com

My friend Donna also recommended Crayola Mess Free Stow & Go Studio, which I *surprise* purchased immediately. It has markers that only color on the enclosed paper, and it’s all housed in a cute little lap desk. That should buy us 5 minutes at least, right?


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  1. When we had to get Matt off the pacifier he went nutz. Finally we just threw them away and told him the garbage men took them. After that, every time he’d hear the garbage truck he would go crazy and scream at the garbage men ( pretty funny coming from a 2 1/2 year old!) but Lizzy and I were off the hook.
    Good luck

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