A Nephew

Yesterday my nephew was born, my sister’s first baby, my daughter’s first cousin.

It was so exciting yesterday, early morning,  to get the text from my sister that she was headed to the hospital. Our family waited on pins and needles until we heard the news that he was born. My parents and my brother-in-law’s parents huddled in the waiting room, and all of the siblings waited in our own rooms too, though spread across the U.S. Our grandparents, our aunts, uncles, cousins, we all couldn’t wait to hear.

It never ceases to amaze me that a human being who is not even born can be loved so much by so many.

Finally in the afternoon, as I was chatting on the phone with my Grandma, she paused in conversation. “I have another call….IT’S YOUR MOTHER HOLD ON!” She was so excited, giddy – there was only one reason my mother would be calling her. Grandma clicked back over a few minutes later, to yell – “CARLY, YOU’RE AN AUNT!” before hanging up on me.

It was another hour until the photos started coming, first to my cell phone and then via email. All gorgeous photos of this strong little baby boy. Distant friends and family celebrated with us via Facebook. It was the big news of the day. I couldn’t stop smiling.

My little nephew: times have changed since your parents were born. Heck, times have changed even since your 2-year-old cousin was born. But one thing will never change – we love you. We will always love you. We want to see you grow, and learn, and love. We’re so very happy you’re part of our family. I just can’t wait to meet you.


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