Geeking Out Over My New Yarn Swift

I got an early birthday gift yesterday from my wonderful husband, who somehow got me EXACTLY what I wanted! (Okay I told him what to get. But isn’t it sweet that he listened?)

It is a yarn swift. For those reading this who don’t knit…honestly just skip this post because it’s all going to be geeking out over my new yarn swift, as I hinted in the title. But, if you’re still interested, a yarn swift pairs with a ball winder to wind up hanks or skeins of yarn into ready-to-knit balls. You don’t need to have a yarn swift, but it’s really, really nice to have. And this is a really, really, really nice one to have – actually it’s gorgeous.

This is how it arrived, in its own carrying case. I was practically peeing myself in excitement at this point. Handcrafted wood. Ooo woo! The maker of this thing of beauty is called Mama Bear, and you can find them here.

The first ball I wound was a gorgeous bit of handspun merino spun by my friend rora.

I also wound this beautiful new Malabrigo Bolita Azul #80, which is my favorite color of all time.

The swift was very easy to set up, and easy to use also. It spun nicely! And it’s adjustable, so you can use it with all sorts of yarn.

I already had a ball winder, as you can see in the photo above. Previously I made my husband stand with his hands outstretched to be my human yarn swift. This was much better. (Though not as handsome.)

Ta dah!


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  1. HI there

    As a fellow aussie here in Sydney, I was happy to read your blogs on your crohn’s disease. In early June, 2010, I was diagnosed of having ulcerative colitis (UC) and at the time of the colonscopy the surgeon couldn’t determine whether it was crohns’ or colitis, but eventually the latter. I suffered tremendously with bleeding in the stools, stomach pain and a drop from 93kg to 78kg. I am now 80 -81 kg. Nevertheless, I have been taking KALI BICH- 30 (kali bichromatum) a homeopathy drug from Chembur, Mumbai, India ( and there is another website called (also for crohns) which has helped me with what foods to eat, although I don’t use the meds on this site. Maybe if the Kali-Bich don’t work, for I have been taking this for 3 months now with a mixed bag of success.

    I have to say, good on you for doing something on your crohns disease. I can feel your pain as periodically I have it to. I use to take sulfasalazine with prednisone then tapered to mesalazine then I stopped due to the side effects. Taking a green smoothie (cabbage, broccoli, carrot and spinach) seemed to work but months later I had a sigmoidoscope in March, 2010, with little luck. So six months later in mid september, 2010, I have taken this drug kali-bich 30 and it seems to work, although very slowly.

    Moving forward ( I don’t want to sound like Julia Gillard) but the introduction of hookworms or PIG whipworms are a pleasant reminder that our society has been so hygienic that it has reduced any chance of having bacteria in our system, much to our detriment. Nevertheless, i would like to partake in any subsequent trial here in Australia and welcome any response to take part. Maybe I will venture north to the N.T. or northern QLD and walk barefoot in these areas where they promulgate, or just take a trip to Thailand or somewhere in south-east asia.

    Wishing you all the best in the festive season


    P>S. I am not on any phonebook, face book, twitter or any social network.

  2. I remember being Grandma’s “yarn swift”. Everyone in our family was recruited at one time or another! Who knew there was an invention! Brilliant!

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