The Birthday Week

This is a big week in our house – in addition to the holidays, it’s the munchkin and my birthday(s) this week too, so we’re trying to celebrate without letting the craziness of the holidays overshadow the birthdays, and vice versa. Since I know how it can feel when that happens, I’m trying extra hard to make the munchkin’s birthday special, not just this year, but every year. And I’ve come up with the perfect way – starting this year, we’re going to celebrate in the summer instead. We’re still doing cake, hats and noisemakers on her actual birthday, but we’ll have a party in the summertime. That way, she gets a day that’s all about her and she can also celebrate along with her friends. AND-since summertime weather is so much friendlier, we’ll have the (cheaper) option of an outdoor party, rather than having to rent a place when she gets older. Because seriously, I am not having 20 2-year-olds in my house.

My parents also tried their best to make my birthday special growing up, and though sometimes my friends couldn’t come to my party, I always felt special and loved. My husband’s done his best to treat me the same way, and I think this year was my best birthday yet. He gave me a gift that I didn’t expect, and it was truly one of the best I’ve ever received. Each year on my birthday he writes me a letter, and this year’s made me feel so beautiful and so loved that I’m still glowing from it.

I decided that even though I’m getting older, and even though I’m starting to have wrinkles, and my gray hair count increases daily, if I am beautiful to the one man who really counts, then dammit I am beautiful! And that’s what matters.

I have to note here that on the morning of my birthday I discovered that I have a gray eyelash. I didn’t even know that was possible. It’s more curious than depressing, honestly. But I digress.

So-here I am one year older, feeling great (stupid Crohn’s and stupid Lupus laying low this week!), feeling beautiful, and feeling loved. Who said getting older is a bad thing?


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  1. I’ve had that gray eyelash too! It comes and goes. It’s a lot longer than my other lashes (which are pretty long to begin with) and drives me CRAZY when it shows up! I choose to pluck and move on. With everything my illness has put me through I guess I’m fortunate I don’t have more gray hairs. 🙂

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