Happy New Year!

We ended the year with a bang…and a call to the Poison Hotline. Let me explain.

We had an incredibly fun day. The munchkin woke up singing, literally, and was in a fantastic mood pretty much all day. We took her to the Please Touch Museum, where they have a countdown to noon for all the little ones (and the parents) who can’t stay up until midnight. It was really cute-they had a band, a countdown and a ball drop.

The munchkin loved it – she danced a lot, but spent most of the time on her dad’s shoulders so she could see what was going on. We miraculously left without anyone throwing a tantrum, fed her lunch on the way home (which may have helped contribute to the tantrum-free ride) and when we got home she went straight down for a nap.

Come dinner time our good friends came over with their 2-year-old and a bottle of champagne. Let the party begin! We had dinner and the kids ran around like tiny little maniacs, complete with the hysterical laughter and googly eyes. As the evening wore down and it got really late (9 pm) I realized the kids had run into the kitchen and were being awfully quiet. I went in to check on them, and what I found was this: munchkin #1 (not mine) is holding the cap to something. Munchkin #2 (mine) is taking swigs from a small clear bottle, much in the same way she drinks her milk. I simultaneously scream and grab the bottle, which turns out to be over-the-counter eye drops.

The other 3 adults run in and we all start freaking out. Luckily I know I’m a freaker-outer, so sometime last year I had written the poison hotline number, along with other emergency numbers, on the back of every phone in our house. Unluckily, in my freak-out, I completely forget about this as I demand my husband give me his cell phone, and I then start rummaging through the front of our extremely messy refrigerator, hoping to find the phone number there, for some reason that I can’t quite explain. I had a moment of clarity and ran to the kitchen phone and called them. As I spoke to the doctor, who thank god told me everything would be fine, that the particular eye drops she had drunk were not harmful, the room was completely silent with the exception of munchkin #2 (mine) happily blowing into a noisemaker. Sigh.

Our friends went home, we put munchkin to bed, and then spent the next hour or so combing through the house and cleaning out and/or locking away anything that looked vaguely poisonous.

My New Year’s resolution? No way – nothing. It’s clear that in my life, I need to just expect the unexpected and hope for the best.


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  1. Cleaning out the house is the only way to go.
    You got lucky.
    Matt once ate a bunch of bubble gum. Tasted so good he couldn’t help but swallow-a lot! Came out the other end like you would expect-long gooy strings of chewing gum. He was crapping the stuff for a while.

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