What I’m Reading: Sweater Quest

Image from Powell's Books

Actually, I just finished it. This book was perfect for a knitting nerd like me. Adrienne Martini, also a knitter, also a blogger, also a mom, decided to take on an extremely difficult knitting project and gave herself a year to complete both the sweater (Alice Starmore’s Mary Tudor – see photos here) and the book about the Quest.

What I was pleased to see in this book was it wasn’t just about the writer. She (reporter-like) interviewed many people in the knitting world and gave their views on knitting, for example, if you knit someone else’s pattern, but make a bunch of changes, is it still “their” pattern, or is it now yours? And does that really matter? She also gave a great history about Alice Starmore, as well as background on some other knitting topics that were pretty interesting.

Although if you don’t knit, you won’t be interested in this book one bit.


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